Child Protection

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Protecting children requires an immediate response as well as a long-term commitment to alleviating the conditions that make children vulnerable to exploitation and violence, such as commercial sexual exploitation, trafficking and child labor. We operate a Protection Center for those at immediate risk, a Learning Center to provide the vocational and academic training required for independence, and village outreach to identify and support at-risk children.

Long-term support is funded (minimum 5 years). SSF directly supports more than 8,000 children, more than 30 of whom reside at our Protection Centre. These include girls rescued from trafficking and abusive homes, as well as disabled children who have no where else to stay. One of disable children was referred to live at an organisation in Phnom Penh.

There are three pillars to support: healtheducation and social welfare. As soon as a child is selected for sponsorship a health assessment is conducted. This is followed by regular check-ups. Every sponsored child is also enrolled in school, and provided with the support necessary support, including a bicycle and pocket money. Children are also encouraged to attend classes at outside Learning Centre, which include social and financial education.

SSF also encourages children to take responsibility for their own future by encouraging income-generation activities. At the centre itself, we have biogas digester, organic vegetable gardens and fruit trees, and raise fishes, chickens, ducks, pigs and cattle, Eco -Nikitahandmade bags, laundry and sewing shop. Over ten old students have opened few laundry and sewing shops; one in front of the center, while others crochet purses and accessories for sale.

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