What you can do

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Make a donation

Want to help create a better future for Cambodian children and their families who live on a dollar a day? Come with us, SSF takes a proactive approach by identifying high-risk children – particularly girls… Donate now >>>

Join us on the ground

You do not have to give money to donate to SSF. We need talented people with various skills in countries around the world. We value your time and enthusiasm. Volunteer with us to create agents … Read More >>>

Becoming as a sponsor/partner

SSF has a flexible sponsorship system that allows sponsors to directly support the childrenfamilies or communities we partner with. Our close relationships with communities, families and child… Read More >>>

Becoming as an goodwill ambassador

We are excited to announce the launch of the SSF Ambassadors Program and provide you with the necessary details on how to be an effective contributor. We are reaching out to you because you have … Read More >>> 

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