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SAO SARY FOUNDATION (SSF) are non profit, non government, non political and child-centred development organizations working to help poorest of the poor and vulnerable people in the Cambodia. SSF is fully registered with the Ministry of Interior (MOI) of the Kingdom of Cambodia as a Non-Governmental Organization, located in the central province of Kampong Speu Province, Kingdom of Cambodia.

We believe in a proactive approach to protect children from any form of violence, exploitation, abuse and discrimination. Rather than waiting until it’s too late, striving to identify at risk children and provide sustainable assistance to both the children and their families.

Statement of Purpose

To achieve lasting improvements for children living in poverty in Cambodia’s poorest communities, through a process that unites people across cultures and adds meaning and value to their lives by:

  • Enabling deprived children, their families and their communities to meet their basic needs and to increase their ability to participate in and benefit from their societies.
  • Inspiring deprived children, their families and their communities to socially and economically empower themselves to be agents of change in their own lives and for a more equitable world.
  • Preventing and responding to violence, exploitation and abuse against children- including commercial sexual exploitation, trafficking, child labour and harmful traditional practices, such as female genital mutilation/cutting and child marriage.


Working with Volunteers and Donors

SSF cannot function without the help and assistance from volunteers. There are various aspects of assistance that both volunteers and donors can participate in recreating the lives of the communities with SSF. The following are some areas:



*   Teach English or Computer literacy (minimum 3 months)

*  Workshops on financial literacy, business planning and arts (minimum 1 week)

*  Motivational Camp for youth

*  Play therapy for young children between age 5-12


Health Care

*  Conduct health and hygiene activities or workshops

*  Conduct village healthcare

*  Host first aid course for interested learners

* Teach community about hand washes, using toothbrush and paste

* Teaching basic hygiene including feminine and health care

* Teach them how to take care young children or baby


Income Generation Projects

*  Facilitate income generation ideas into reality

*  Sewing & Fashion Workshop

*  Arts & Craft Workshop

*  Hospitality & Café service Workshop

*  Culinary Skills


Construction & Agricultural Projects

*  Biosand Water Filtration Construction & distribution (suitable for team)

*  Toilet Construction (suitable for team)

*  Building Composting Station

*  Water pump

* Home garden

* Build house or Fixing house

*  Agricultural Support & Assistance (suitable for team)

Media and Communication

*  Taking photos of the project and program activities

*  Filming and develop as case study, case stories and success stories

*  Raising awareness about SSF

Reporting and Publications

*  Help us to write an article about SSF, about program or project activities and importantly our progress report

*  Compile stories, case studies and etc.


Every December we host a SSF Fun Fair for all the 120 children (Residential 40pax + daytime learners 80pax), if you are interested to host this activity, please inform us in advance.


For volunteers or donors who are visiting SSF only for a short period 1-3 days, you may participate with the following:

* Assist us to construct and install bio-sand filters, latrines and/or any other construction works that we have in place.

* Provision & distribution of food, clothes, school supplies, bicycles, sport items and etc. to the most vulnerable children in target community where we work.

*Assist us to setup specific workshops for building and strengthening capacity of at-risk teenagers and young adults.


Donors who are interested to sponsor a child through university or any other related project or program activity please let us  know.

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